Heaven’s End Cry; Earth’s Last Call

StudyGuideAmazon logo3“I AM the Origin of Species!” is a daring little book with five long letters written through the prism of the mind of Christ. Speaking straight to the heart of today’s burning issues, it presents God’s eternal truths and the verdict of His word on evolution, abortion, America’s secularity, the stewardship of pastors, the coming apostasy, atheism, and other hot button topics. Flaying equivocation, the book takes on today’s omnipresent relativist onslaught while urgently pronouncing the gospel, denouncing unrighteousness, and announcing God’s coming Kingdom.

“I AM the Origin of Species!” charges the believer to deeper faith and reveals the saving word to the unbelieving. It upholds scriptural revelation, clarifies God’s standpoint, and stresses the primacy of the gospel message over religio-spiritist notions and secular-humanist thought.

A word for all, “I AM the Origin of Species!” inspires the saint to steadfastness in word and in works; it urges the weary soul to regain and retain the goodly testimony.

It awakens the fallen and admonishes him on the path to renewed faith and to righteousness.

It exposes the present darkness and Satan’s deceptions and beams into the seeker’s heart and soul the light of God’s truth and the glorious salvation in Jesus Christ.

It reveals God’s wish for all to repent and be saved; it warns of His wrath—the judgment reserved for those who have willed themselves to unbelief.

Read as these letters espouse truth, contend for the faith, answer queries, and demolish arguments and philosophical objections ancient worldviews and contemporary culture present.