I Am the Origin of SpeciesIn “I AM the Origin of Species!” the Mind of Christ finds its voice, challenging man’s worldviews and charging the believer to deeper faith. Written in the spirit of Jesus’ letters in Revelation, these epistles clarify biblical truths, affirm God’s counsel on today’s burning issues (evolution, atheism, America’s secularity, sexuality, the stewardship of pastors, African Traditional Religion, the occult…. ), and call all men to newness and fullness of Life in Christ Jesus…Read More

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GOOGood success CoverD SUCCESS: ARRIVE With Pride Behind You, Love Around You, and Hope Ahead of You

In this groundbreaking book, you will discover powerful principles; fresh parables, and unique paradigms that will help you uncover your life’s very purpose. If applied, these principles, drawn from deep scriptural insights, will break the chains off limitations, set you on the path to success, and get you over the top.
Good Success … is potent enough to change your life.


SLambemi-finalist Munce/Westbow Press (Thomas Nelson) writing Contest 2012

Heaven’s End Cry; Earth Last Call is concise summation of this apologetic book The Lamb’s Epistle. Speaking straight to the heart of today’s burning issues, it presents God’s eternal truths and the verdict of His word on evolution, abortion, America’s secularity, the stewardship of pastors, the coming apostasy, atheism, and other hot button topics. Flaying equivocation, the book takes on today’s omnipresent relativist onslaught while urgently pronouncing the gospel, denouncing unrighteousness, and announcing God’s coming Kingdom.

IMG_4079Quotes of Life is a collection of memorable and impactful quotes from the teachings of a dozen pastors with international ministries and global following. These quotes are themed and contextualized according to subjects. Each quote is underpinned by over half a dozen scripture verses. Further study chapters present over a thousand further scripture verses. Quotes of life is a vital resource in scripture study.  Acclaimed by many famous pastors, it is foreworded by Pastor Enoch Adeboye, the General Overseer of The Redeemed Christian Church of God, a global church network with churches in 178 countries.